innovation, commitment, success

Leaner Logistics is a modern, innovative, construction services company.

We are committed to the design and implementation of logistics systems that get the results our clients want. Our aim - to deliver a service that meets the unique and individual needs of every construction project on which we work.

Aspiring to new levels of professionalism, innovation is a vital part of the way we do things. Being innovative means never taking anything for granted and bringing a fresh approach when it is needed.

We offer total commitment to ensure the job gets done on time and on budget.  In doing so, we make sure what we deliver is aligned to the specific needs and objectives of our clients.

Totally committed to the success of our clients' projects, we make no compromises with regard to best practice, quality and service delivery. And in an age of environmental awareness, success also means a commitment to corporate social responsibility in everything we do.

We believe the successful delivery of projects builds reputations. And for ourselves and our partners, a strong, well-deserved reputation is the key to winning future projects.

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Leaner Logistics works on a diverse range of construction projects. With our fresh and innovative approach to the provision of construction logistics services, we aim to meet the particular challenges of each and every project on which we work.
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Our expertise in the innovative use of logistics means we can offer you a customised range of service packages.  These will help you reduce waste, implement more efficient operations, increase competitiveness, enhance your reputation and lead to greater profitability. read more


By attracting the highest calibre of new staff we have been able to share new techniques, methods of working and intellectual excellence. This makes the benchmarks for our performance and service levels among the highest in in the construction services sector. read more